Craig's Tropical Garden pics


Craig checking out one of his large ears in his shade garden.


Shade garden above the driveway


Shade garden view - there are lots of plants up here.


Amorphorphalis bulbifer "Patches" - nice view of the patterning on the stem.


Canna "Red Stripe" (in back) and colocasia "Pineapple Princess" (in front) in the sun garden near the ponds.


Cleopatra - 10' tall! (August 2020)


Jeremiah was a bullfrog - he talks all day long when we are out in the garden.


Venus Flytrap and miniature pitcher plants in an above-ground bog. New this year (2020), checking to see how they will survive the Virginia climate.


A pond backdrop view.


Brugmansia "Herrenhauser Gold"


A beautiful raspberry bloom on canna "China Girl" that we picked up on our way back from Myrtle Beach in 2016.

Pictures of my husband Craig's garden areas. He likes to dabble in colocasia, alocasia, amorphorphalis, brugmansia, datura, canna, Venus Flytrap plants, pitcher plants, etc - plants with different/unique looks. "His focus is on stems and leaves," is what I always say. His garden really starts performing in the hot days of July-September, when the bloom in my garden is past peak and there isn't much to look at, so it gives us a different area to focus on. Craig also loves to see how big he can make things grow, and a prime example this year was Canna "Cleopatra." It's plant habit is usually 4-6' tall, but Cleopatra is at least 10' tall and it's still August (2020.) There's a lot more time to grow taller before the frost comes in October.

Enjoy the pictures. I will put more up as time permits.

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