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Green Arrow - 1702 poly poly

There have been some really unique things happening in my garden this year, and this is one of them. GREEN ARROW gone wild!!

Welcome to Earthly Treasures Gardens, located in Sandy Hook, VA. Hobbies can get way out of hand, can't they? I've enjoyed growing daylilies for over two decades now, and the enthusiasm just keeps growing.

A few website instructions for newcomers to my site - if you click on the PLANTS tab, you will have several views available to choose from. Choosing the category "All-Gallery" will show thumbnails and prices for many of the plants in my garden. You'll also see some great candid shots that I've taken in my garden or others for some of the plants that I haven't been able to get a picture of in my garden yet.

You can also utilize the other tabs that have been set up to view more narrowed selections. Each thumbnail can be clicked to get additional information regarding the specific cultivar. I've broken up the plants into several categories for those that might be looking for specific things (doubles, smalls and miniatures, UFs and spiders, etc.), and of course there's a category for the beginning daylily enthusiasts to be able to check out daylilies that are $10 and under.

EARTHLY TREASURES is owned and operated by Angie Bowald, with approximately 900 registered daylily cultivars on the website. The garden consists of daylilies for the summer color, and tropical plants for August through frost viewing when the daylilies are not so abundant. In addition, we enjoy growing a lot of other perennials, including allium, iris, daffodils, jonquil, narcissus, and of course you can't ever get rid of the cleome once you've gotten a start of it. We were featured in The Virginia Gardener (October 2014 issue), and enjoyed the chance to showcase our garden in a local magazine, much thanks to Scott for taking the time to showcase the garden so well!! I hope to add another tab soon to include my husband's tropical plants, as they are great "companion plants" (alocasia and colocasia, more commonly known as elephant ears, and amorphorphalis) from his collection. They will be added to the website as time permits for those who might be interested in them. (Just ask right now if you know of something you are looking for in that realm.) I'm always adding new plants and changing pictures, so do come back and look again.

Shipping is generally available May through September - please let me know what works best for you in terms of a good shipping date when your order is being placed. (I also like to include a bonus when I can.)

Have a great time looking, and I look forward to hearing from you! You can email me at ajbowa@gmail.com.

Photos on Welcome Page
- GREEN ARROW (Gossard 2008) - I didn't photoshop this daylily, I just happened upon it in my garden (6/22/2017.) 2017 was a year of very different plant habits, with doubles (every bloom on the plant, seems like) when they had never doubled before, and an abundant amount of polytepals showed up throughout the garden.

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